Illustration, design and code for various portions of Carbonmade's marketing site.

Designs included a new feature page, a new signup process including field validation, and a closed account inquiry.

Illustration, Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery

“Sig is in that rarest class of designer; the guy who can design how your product functions and market it once it does. In all my travels, I've only come across a handful of these magical beasts.”

Dave Gorum, Co-Founder

Jive Software

Lead Designer

Worked for three years as the lead (read “only”) designer for the Jive Software marketing department. As an integral part of the marketing team, I worked tirelessly to boost the brandís image in order to put us in the realm of enterprise software deals.

My work included not just the site, but the entirety of Jive's brand, online presence, sales collateral, and event design.

Direction, Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, UI, HTML, CSS, Javascript

“The rare mix of talent, passion, openness (to others' ideas) and hard work that is very hard to find in a designer inside a company. Michael ("Sig") was always my go-to rockstar. He's great.”

Dave Hersh, CEO
Jive Software

“There are two designers I've worked with in my career that I would term as "brilliant" and Mike is one of them. He is driven & cares passionately about producing exceptional results. You typically cannot get access to his level of talent without engaging with a top name agency.”

Christopher Morace, SVP
Jive Software

Jive Software


For the company's inagural customer event, we wanted to foster a community every bit as real as the communities built by our product.

To fit the theme of "Together," I took out a large group of my coworkers, got them sauced up a bit, and shoved them into a photobooth. The photos were used throughout the event site, signage and collateral to show the real people behind Jive Software.

This theme carried through to the event itself where customers could cram into a photobooth themselves. We also had a professional makeup artist and photographer at the event taking profile pictures that attendees could use online.

Direction, Design

Refresh Portland


In 2008 I helped found Refresh Portland alongside several of my design comrades including Josh Pyles and Chris Kalani. We held regular meet-ups with guest speakers and engaging discussions over beers afterwards. We retired the event in 2010 as interest faded and many key members moved away. It was a great gathering and I hope to do something like it again in the future.

Design, HTML, CSS



Design, Style Guide

Dragon Avenue

Community Site

Dungeons & Dragons


Jive Software

Print Collateral

Kentucky Travel Department

Travel Guides

Pirate Room


Levi, like any good 8 year old boy, is obsessed with pirates. His parents were putting together a pirate themed room for him and I was only too happy to oblige. Not wanting to paint just any old Jolly Roger, I decided to use the Privateer Press logo, as we're all huge fans of their games.

Jive Software


Another piece for Jive's blog. Jive was putting out a slightly halloween themed blog post about the Frankenstein's monster approach to enterprise apps. I changed up style a bit for this one, giving it a more textured, hand drawn treatment.

Drawing Ricky Revenue from Michael Sigler on Vimeo.

Jive Software

Ricky Revenue

I often created editorial artwork to go along with Jive's blog post. Several of my coworkers had expressed interest in how I worked so I captured this video for them. I hope to do some more like it in the future.



Jive Software


Go Big Always

Editorial Art